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Nino Regine

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I'd like to meet that cat.

I'd give you directions, but many of the Forian streets, er, footpaths, have no names, or names that are hidden.

Never have I seen a blue eyed non-Siamese in person. That one looks like a cross with a generic tiger. The ones I've had I always tried to breed to other Siamese/Himalayas, but on occasion, one slippery male would escape. Who knows - there may be some odd blue eyed cats roaming around the area who just never got around to stopping in to say howdy.

Sadly, I lost my last one this past summer.

The house cat I have now is a tortoise with one orange, one black side of her face, named Two Faced. She is gifted at slipping out, and had a wide range of colored kids. The oddest is a brindle female, Black Stripe. It looks like the tortoise gene got so chopped up that individual hairs instead of discrete areas got colored. Not sure what's with that genetically, but if I ever breed her, it will be to a yellow tom who is the son of a tortoise, (assuming I get to choose, which is not always the case with cats.)

A few years ago a starving calico cat arrived at my door, demanding to be fed, and of course I could never refuse a cat in need. It was rather shy and in the beginning kept her distance, but gradually she came to trust me. Many sunny afternoons I would lie on a deck chair on my patio and Pushi, the name I gave her, would lie on the ground nearby. Every now and again she jumped up on the chair and join me in dozing. Two years went by, and she came into the apartment, moving slowly, listlessly. She jumped up on the counter, and sat in the sink for a while. Then jumped down and walked slowly out the door. I found her the next day on the patio, dead. My landlord's brother came with a shovel, picked her up and took her down to the vineyard. He buried her near one of the vines. Now, my landlord's grapes always went to Casa d' Ambra, a famous winemaker, to make bianco superior. This wine is sold internationally, of course, and one day I bought a bottle to give to a friend who'd invited me to dinner. I imagined that the wine contained traces of Pushi. In that way she more or less lived on, which made me smile.

the new taste choice for primer wines!

The computer self corrected premier on me and I didn't catch it before posting...

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