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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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New Italian Sites Up and Running

I’ve just put up two new sites, both of them containing a large number of color photographs of Italy.

In Exile in Italy can be seen here.

Italian Journey can be seen here.

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John these are gorgeous! They make me want to book a flight to Italy immediately.

And the picture of the kitties "We Don't Know You" made me laugh.

Thanks! If you ever do come to this part of the world, I have a couple of friends who rent small apartments for around 35 Euro (about $43 USD) per night...and I'll even stand you to an espresso dopio con latte caldo at Bar Roxy!

Oh that sounds so wonderful! You never know, I might show up. The only other time I've come to Europe it was to France and that was a very spontaneous trip. I do things best that way. : )

Lori in Paris, May 1997

I'm not nearly done looking through them all yet. But I am loving the both the coke & the bread shot for some reason

The Carnival ~ is that Edenlandia?

No, the photo was of a seat on a big Ferris Wheel set up facing Piazza Unita d'Italia in Trieste. Coke & bread are among my favorites too, don't know why.

those are terrific! i enjoyed looking at them very much. thank you!

Glad to have brought you enjoyment!

Thank you for sharing these pictures! They are wonderful. I also like your new profile pic...very nice.

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