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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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My Daughter? My Grandson?


“My God, Jim, you look awful,” Harold said. “What’s up?”
“Something unexpected and bizarre happened,” I replied.
“Let’s hear it.”
“Tomorrow I’m going to meet a woman who says she's my daughter.”

I was touched by the look of concern that immediately appeared on Harold’s face. It was a reassuring affirmation of our friendship.

“Sit down,” he said. “I’ll pour us some brandy.”
“That sounds good.”
“Is it true?”
“It is.”
“And this is the first time you’ve heard of it?”
“Yes. I had no idea. It happened a long time ago, when I was a first lieutenant in the Air Force.”

I described the telephone call late yesterday. Her name was Lana and she’d found me through a Google search. She asked if I had been involved with a girl named Carla, when I was stationed on a military base in Texas. The recollection came instantly. I replied, yes, I’d known Carla.

“Well, she got pregnant by you and had me. Right after I was born, she gave me up for adoption. She never told you about it.”
I couldn’t think of anything to say.
“Hello? Are you still there?”
“I’m sorry, but this is mind-numbing.”
“I understand. But I hope you would be willing to talk to me about what you know about my grandparents. And of course about you.”
“Where are you calling from?” I asked.
“You’re here in Italy?”
“Yes, I’m with my son. He’s twelve.”
“Your son?”
“His name is Leon. I’ve always wanted to see this country, and this has given me a good excuse.”

“Here,” Harold said, handing me a glass.
“Alla salute.”
“So where and when will you three meet?”
“They’ll arrive at Forio Porto at nine tomorrow morning.”

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As it happens, that's precisely the word that sprang to mind when the idea occurred to me.

*speechless* Wow.. that's some news, eh?!

When it came to me I could hardly wait to write it down!

Oh, oooo I thought it really did happen to you!

That's about the best thing you can tell a writer of fiction. Many thanks.

I think having the picture in your post just made it seem real to me... Wow, you're a good writer! :)

I'm glad you think so! I was sorting through my photo files and I knew this image would be just perfect for the piece I'm beginning to write.

I'm always serious. Now, whether the story is based on autobiography or is fiction is another matter entirely!

There seem to be a recuring them in your life about loosing and finding ones parents. Amazingly interesting. I think this kind of thing will happen more and more as:
-internet reaches everybody
-some laws that does not permit to adopted children to know who their natural parents were had been changed (I think here in the uk, for example).

Well, good luck to you three.
You obviously have much to talk about.


</b>My daughter? My grandson? And why am I crossing my legs like a woman?</b>

LOL- sorry, couldn't resist.

I selected this particular photo precisely because my body language is so defensive. And you might imagine that when a man crosses his legs that way, he's working hard to protect the family jewels. In that sense it's a MANLY act. Another interpretation--equally interesting, in my view--is that when you lie to someone, you use words and phraes that mirror that of the person you're lying to, which is also reflected in attitude, posture, etc.

Very interesting! (your post & reactions) Can I date that woman though?

Katerina lives in Switzerland, comes to the island every once in a while. Shall I put in a good word for you?

yes please. She's lovely & I always wanted to go to Switzerland as a kid. I was fooled and thought she might be your daughter...lol...great & baffling post...

That woman, whoever she really is, is incredible. Really, really gorgeous!

Katerina, from Switzerland. Yes, indeed. If she were a novel, she'd be a page-turner.

Ahhh! If I didn't know better I could believe it! There certainly is a resemblance there isn't there?

You're looking so Italian! The island loves you

Nice of you to say, thanks. The love is mutual. They're going to have to drag me out of here, kicking and screaming. Can't imagine living anywhere else.

That's a great picture and the vignette seemed so authentic. Great job! :)

Kind of you to say, thanks.

hey i noticed from your interests that you're into writing stories, and we're looking for members at _poetsnwriters_ to post their stuff and get feedback and comments and such. you're welcome to join if you like xoxo


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