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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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(no subject)

The flash unit is twice as big and heavy as the camera. But they work perfectly well together.

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It's nearly the same with my Canon D300!

And I'll bet you love yours as much as I love mine!

Strange! Is it awkward to hold?

No, the grip is comfortable and natural, plus the surface is sticky rubber. A well-designed piece of equipment.

Yes, but before it's found big bucks have to be paid to Pixmania in Paris.

Mighty big...that doesn't hinder like, your shooting accuracy or anything?

After using Nikon N90Ss with the same flash units attached, I find it familiar and comfortable.

great picture

(my first response was very fangirlish so I feel the need to apologize, even if you didn't actually hear/read the *actual* first response. I sometimes wonder if I really will be turning 35 soon or just 15)

I really hate to think something slipped by me, unnoticed. Especially something fangirlish! Bummer.

*original response: OMG!!1! What a scrumtious picture!!1! Squeeeee!!!1!*

Now you know.

(me: entirely mortified)

But what the mature adult in me meant is, "That is a really great self portrait."

My most sincere thanks for both generous comments, although I don't think you should feel at all mortified for merely spontaneously expressing an opinion! But at the same time I understand the utility of mature adult restraint, formality, etc.

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