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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Seven minutes ago Giovanna returned from the village with her dad, and with great reluctance she agreed to pose. I wanted to take a few more but no dice. "Basta!" she said.

Oh, well.


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Oh wow... she is adorable!! I just want to cuddle her :)) Congrats on getting her to pose for long enough to get those shots of her! :D

Thanks. Her father tried to talk her into doing a few more, but absolutely NOT! Italy, after all, has a "cryptomatriarchy," meaning that men run the country, but the women rule the men. It starts at a verrrrry early age.

Cryptomatriarchy.. how awesome! Yet so, so true I would imagine ;)

Oh! What a little goddess!

bella! she's going to break hearts someday. :)

Exactly. And I know whose heart she's going to break. First a bit of background. My former landlord's name is Gino. My current landlord, Giovanna's father, is named Nino. Now, Gino is Nino's long-time friend. Gino, as it happens, has a son who is five years old and is named Antonio. It seems inevitable and preordained that Giovanna and Antonio one day will stand at the altar of St. Vito's...but then Giovanna might very well have some other ideas.

thank you for telling us this! that's wonderful. however it turns out, i wish antonio and giovanna happy lives. :)

as has already been said, shes absolutely beautiful!

Oh I love the attitude of her in that last shot!

Have you ever seen Ciao, Professore! ?


I highly recommend ...

Shes a cutie... I bet quite a handful too ;)


All I want to know is: what is that lovely booklet she can't seem to let go of?

& those stairs behind her look like they climb to heaven.

Looks like a school exercise book, perhaps elementary mathematics. The stairs lead to my landlord's digs. I live on the ground floor.

what a cute little girl!!!


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