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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Free Book!
U of Chicago Letter

Too bad they're going to convert the color to black and white. Oh, well. At least I get a free book.

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congratulations a book
is a book

is a book

is a book!!!

As long as I've lived, I've NEVER turned down an offer of a free book!

du know all my fireign friends dont understand how is it possible that i dont have a book with my stuff....in my country no one says it noone cares, the only propososal i had came from a friend who wones a press( editory??) but that would costs me 10.000 EUROS, that obviously i cant pay , it would be an author edition.....
if you want more details send me your email and i'll email you

ah, the monetary pitfalls of academia, the whole concept and lttr herein really warms my heart--and not even in an entirely ironic sort of way!

Congrats, or course!

I hope you're happy for all this. :)


I get more of a buzz from this than I did with most of my high-paying freelance photography clients in New York and Philadelphia!

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