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John Palcewski's Journal

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Another Bus Ride

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All these people have got me thinking... they don't know you're posting photographs of them on he internet, do they? I feel as though I should be more vigilant or something when I go out.

When you're in a public place the law says you can have no reasonable expectation of the same sort of privacy--visual and otherwise--as you would in your own home, hence photographers are free to take pics of people. I think in an ethical sense one ought not do it in an effort to ridicule or put them in a bad light, so to speak. I mean to recreate or capture what we all engage in every day...which is people watching. We try not to let anyone know we're doing it, but it nevertheless goes on all the time, doesn't it?

and in this country, we don't even have an official concept of model release yet! (Some people I know tend to use forms just in case, because a law change could have annoying retrospective repercussions as you can imagine). I know that people are free to take pics, which is what spurs me to think I should be more careful as technology has reached a new level of late. Every so often in the past Ive inadvertently turned up in a documentary or news item or website or what have you, and I don't much like it.

I see this as a timely heads up, that's all - I've been enjoying your people watching as much as anyone!

I know what you mean. When someone wants to photograph me, well, I tell them it makes me verrrry uncomfortable because I'm always the one who takes pictures! BTW, which country are you in? And would I recognize you in a magazine or newspaper or website? If you're inclined to share privately: Palcewski@hotmail.com

Im in nz, and no, Im not at all famous, even here! It's just our country has a tiny population and I have a unique name and look very recognisable, so people always spot me or remember me. Like you, it just makes me uncomfortable.

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