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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Markets in Forio d' Ischia

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the light shining slantwise onto those crates of vegetables makes me want to cry. luscious.

I love these photos you've been posting. Are those peppers in the second photo?

Thanks. My guess is they're hot chili peppers, but I haven't ever given them a try!

Just wanted to say that although I don't have comments for all the photos lately - I've really enjoyed looking at them. Makes me want to whisk off from somewhere other than North Carolina...

I'm not sure why but I cannot identify the large red bundle of fruit or vegetable in the first picture dangling from the wall. What are they? Do you know?

I'm no expert, but they look to me like chili peppers.

The big ones in the first picture?!?! Holy! Thats insane.

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