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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Three Self Portraits

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I'm enjoying your pics. What sort of camera are you using?

While I'm waiting for my Nikon D-70 to arrive I'm using a Nikon CP5400. It works pretty well so far.

it takes a nice crisp image. I imagine you wouldn't have to photoshop them much?

I tend to give images a bit of tweak in saturation and contrast, which is more personal preference than anything else. They look fine unaltered, largely because the auto metering system is first rate. Only rarely do I have to override it.

I particularly like thie third one of these.

Also, just wanted to note that, though I probably do not comment to this effect as often as I should, I really enjoy the material you present in your journal on a consistent basis. Thank you very much.

Many thanks for your kind & generous comments!

These are wonderful and creative self-portraits! I like the third one the best :)

What wonderful self-portraits! I, unusually, liked the second one best, especially as a self-portrait....

Actually, that one is my favorite as well...

As always, fantabulous work! I love the third one. Thank you for all the wonderful images.

You've heard of The Mirror Project, right? You really ought to submit that last photo there.

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