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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Long, long overdue...please forgive me, but I have been meaning to write that I am so enjoying all the wonderful photographs you have been posting lately...and, admittedly, very envious too. From my point of view, you are in Paradise.

Me?...Oh, I have been toiling away at my Maplewood (NJ) Township job - i.e., Building Maintenancing...10-12-15 hour days (and sometimes nights)...6, sometimes 7 days a week...I come home exhausted...eat a little...peruse my LJ friends entries...and then bed...Z-Z-Z-Z-Z....But, my dreams are so pleasant...filled with the stuff of your wonderful images...Thanks!

I'm delighted that my pics can bring you good dreams...the whole idea of creating images is to share the joy & wonder that comes when you encounter beauty in the world...proof that it's not ALL bad!

That's exactly what I said to myself the moment the boat pulled into Forio Porto!

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