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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Kinship of Shared Experience

Mr. Bottleman early this morning at Ischia Porto: What is his meaning, what is he trying to say? He cheerfully refuses to disclose his intent, so I’m left to speculate. Perhaps he wishes to demonstrate he has control over that bottle balanced on his head, rather than the other way around. A metaphor of triumph. He smiles, as a man recently liberated from slavery. I too smile, feeling the kinship of shared experience.

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the second photo is great!!!!!!!!!

he must be an old hipy....:))
i can be meditating

This is the sort of place that provides much to meditate about!

what a wonderful great picture of everyday.. life!!


I love him. I shall hire him to look cool and carry my bottles of vodka everywhere we go.

...on his head, of course.

I have no doubt he'd be glad to oblige!

That is just so fantastic.

That's just the "type" of person that always stops to talk to me whenever I leave my house.


I'm drawn to these characters because from grade school I've always been told that I'm odd, strange, or even "crazy." Ha! Most of those assholes are dead or in prison now, and here I am.

Sans eloquence but truly: me too. :/


These are great.....does he ever stop to pause and take a drink?

I didn't think to ask him that question!

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