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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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She Sees You

title or description

I’ve never met Vittoria’s mother, nor the rest of her family. But I imagine Signora always keeps her eyes open and is quick to spot anyone suspicious in the neighborhood. Anyway, a few weeks after Vittoria was locked up in the monastery I dialed her parents in California because I’d decided to confront them. What did I have to lose?

A woman answered. I knew it was Vittoria’s mother.
“May I please speak to your husband?”
“Who is this?”
“I’m James. Your daughter’s lover.”
I heard a sound I took to be a gasp. Such things are never said aloud. Never.
“My daughter, she has no lover. Leave us alone.”
“I know your husband has put Vittoria in a monastery in Italy. Please let me speak to him.”
In the background I heard a man’s voice.
“He no speaka inglese.”
“Ma’m, I know he speaks perfect English, and so do you. Now please put him on.”
I redialed.
“I need to talk to your husband.”

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Synergy & Serendipidy

Interesting question! Sometimes the mood or tone of an existing photo stimulates an idea for an advancement in the storyline, or vice versa. I never leave the villa without my notebook and camera. I keep my eyes open. Sometimes I'll stumble across something that is a perfect visual match for that day's writing. Or the writing will give me an idea for a photo, and I'll just go and get it. In any event, my intent is to make the images an essential part of the emotional and narrative structure of the novel. When it goes just exactly right, a serendipitous synergy comes about...which surprises and delights me!

Re: Synergy & Serendipidy

A continuous hunt then?

So most fiction writers I've come across either completely separate their writing from their personal experiences or they weave those very experiences into their stories. Either way, I've always wondered whether their choice is intentional.

Re: Synergy & Serendipidy

A continuous hunt, yes, but then after a while it's not a matter of doing but of being. There's a theory that a writer does not choose a story, autobiographical or otherwise. Rather it chooses him/her. Which more or less eliminates intent.

Re: Synergy & Serendipidy

Good point.

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