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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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The Confession

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“Okay, you’re right,” Vittoria said. “I really was a bad little girl.”
“I feel a story coming on.”
“My father and the Monsignor were good friends, even though my father hardly ever went to church, except for the big holidays. Anyway, one day he made me really mad.”
“The Monsignor?”
“No, my father.”
“What did he do?”
“He refused to buy me a bicycle. You know how I get when I’m angry.”
“Yes. That’s when I run for cover.”
“I decided to pay him back, big time. But I don’t know if I should tell you this.”
“Come on, spill the beans.”
“Okay. I had to go to confession every week. But after I told Monsignor my sins, I added a few tidbits about my father.”
“Why would Monsignor listen to that?”
“I don’t know. He seemed interested, so I told him. I made things up.”
“Ha! You lied in the confessional?”
“Yep. I told him about how cruel my father was to me, and my mother, even the animals. I said that he puts on a good show when he walks around the village, making everyone think he is a nice man. But when the door is closed he becomes a monster. He curses, and takes the Lord’s name in vain. Plus I saw him kiss a neighbor lady when he thought nobody was looking.”
“I said there was a lot more, but I didn’t think I ought to say it out loud.”
“And then?”
“Well, there was a procession on the street one Sunday and my father waved to Monsignor. Monsignor gave him a really dirty look. Everyone saw it. My father just couldn’t figure out what was going on.”
“Did he ever find out?”
“No. I never told him. Do you think I should have?”

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks for your post, and thanks for your interest in this story. The entries are out of sequence. They'll make more sense when arranged properly.

The conversations between Vittoria and James about her childhood occur either before her monastery/accident/amnesia thing, or afterward, when she's fully recovered her memory.

The "present" has him in Italy waiting for her to come for a visit from America. He thinks back and writes in his journal about their relationship, as they continue to exchange telephone calls and e-mails.

(Deleted comment)

Re: A Confusing Jumble

This started out as a conventional novel and I had an outline and five chapters done. Then I decided abandon it in favor of a book of fiction that incorporates my photography. LJ is a perfect place to try various combinations of text and images, and to see how people react.

I've set a goal to write at least one "entry" per day, every day. At the moment, I'm four entries ahead!

Ah, Ha! Yet another resonance...

Another case of "creative minds are rarely tidy-ism"! I suffer from that same disease... but NEVER had an outline.

I guess I am really out of order here -- reading from back to front like a Chinese!

I was minding my own business when four DAYS before school resumed last fall, the "you're ready to write your first novel" bug jumped up and bit me. HOW INCONVENIENT! I already had two or three full time jobs before I became obscessed...

What I finally did was start at 1/1/01 and put a chapter a day. Then, if I needed to reorganize, I simply did the "backdate entry" option. Next, I wanted to PRINT a hard copy of the thing. Right. You have to load by hand back that far. So, off to a free journal I went, putting them in order from 12/31/01 backward, again a chapter a day. My dyslexia acts up every now and again, but at least I can get a printout... and ORGANIZE. (summercircles is that journal's name...) but the thing is plodding along at first, and once I get where I'm going, I'll be able to prune and hone, decide what should be left on stage as conversation, and what switched to narrative. Currently, I am collecting cogent quotes to go before the various chapters.

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