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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Polished Mahagony, Gleaming Brass

At Ischia Porto yesterday I asked Dominique (far right in bottom image) if I could come aboard to take pictures. He politely replied the owner does not permit visitors at any time, but I may photograph from the quay. Who is the owner? I asked. An Italian, Dominique replied. Where does he live? Sometimes on this boat, of course, and elsewhere in various parts of the world. I noted the polished mahagony, the gleaming brass. A magnificent—and expensive—craft. Yes, he said, it was built in England in the 1930s and was recently restored. How many in the crew? Seven, including the captain, who has gone off somewhere to drink coffee, read a newspaper. Their home base? Port Vauban, in Cote d’Azur, between Monaco and Saint Tropez. Dominique asked me if I would send him some of the pictures. Of course, I replied. He wrote down his address in my notebook.

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interesting name for such an expensive craft :)

I like the second one most, for the patterns that the reflection of the sun makes on the white.

Looks like the captian got himself a nice job :)

I thought so as well. I also thought I'd be able to gather some more information about the boat through a Google search, but came up with virtually nothing. The very rich strive to remain anonymous, and of course easily succeed.

Puritan, eh? I'm sure that's a wryly named boat!

They're Different From You and Me

But I wonder if that rich Italian owner gave it any thought whatever....


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