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John Palcewski's Journal

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Roman Holiday III

Thirty years ago I was in Rome on a magazine assignment, and, being young and easily impressed, I fell in love with the place. To ensure that I would return someday, I decided NOT to toss a coin into that fountain. Why? Because whenever I do such things they don’t work. Therefore I knew I had to do the opposite. So yesterday, I returned. Mirabile dictu!

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Ahhhhhhh!!! The fountain! My favorite!

Keat's house is not too far away, right at the base of the Spanish steps. Leave a flower for me if you go there!

she has a very lived-in face. i'd like to talk to her over espresso doppio.

Maybe she's thinking of her own wish.

I've never been there... but wow, your photos are impressive!

Nice of you to say, thanks!

She probably has a lot of intersting things in her living quarters.

I've been to that fountain. I did cast a coin in, and I have never returned. Hmm.

That fountain is stunning.

The woman leaves me searching for words. Perhaps that is what she is also seeking. I hope to one day resemble someone like that.

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