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John Palcewski's Journal

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Roman Holiday III

Thirty years ago I was in Rome on a magazine assignment, and, being young and easily impressed, I fell in love with the place. To ensure that I would return someday, I decided NOT to toss a coin into that fountain. Why? Because whenever I do such things they don’t work. Therefore I knew I had to do the opposite. So yesterday, I returned. Mirabile dictu!

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Ahhhhhhh!!! The fountain! My favorite!

Keat's house is not too far away, right at the base of the Spanish steps. Leave a flower for me if you go there!

she has a very lived-in face. i'd like to talk to her over espresso doppio.

Maybe she's thinking of her own wish.

I've never been there... but wow, your photos are impressive!

She probably has a lot of intersting things in her living quarters.

I've been to that fountain. I did cast a coin in, and I have never returned. Hmm.

That fountain is stunning.

The woman leaves me searching for words. Perhaps that is what she is also seeking. I hope to one day resemble someone like that.

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