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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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La Spiaggia di Citera

The sea is up this morning. Brisk winds, rushing surf, red warning flags popping on their masts. Hmmmm. I’d vote for a yellow dog before voting for any Republican, hence the term “Yellow Dog Democrat.” Won’t be long before I’m like that old geezer, scrutinizing the horizon. But meanwhile there are a lot of other things on this beach worth looking at.

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well, matter of fact, I like the photo with old geezer - I think it's the best composed one :)

You know what they say, all men are alike. In my case I recognize that sometimes the content of an image trumps considerations of composition, especially when my gender-bias kicks in!

yeah, yeah, I know, I am just expressing my non-gender-biased view :)

Perhaps it is not yet autumn near you . . . thank you for these nice pictures!

Hello! Autumn and winter here are relatively mild, so there are still plenty of opportunities to get the sea & sun. I note your interest in wines...as it happens I live in a villa surrounded by vineyards, and any day now my landlord and his family will harvest the grapes, which are now fat and yellow on the vines. Others have already begun. I know nothing of wines, but I understand the Ischian variety is particularly good because of the volcanic soil.

Re: Hello to you!

I will learn more of wine when I begin my new job Monday!

Sea and sun . . . my favourites!

Nice of you to say, thanks!

it would have been an amazing pic to take the same pic (the one of your foot-the non-zoomed ones) but of all the different people that cross your path.

As it happens that was my first thought, but then it seemed to me it would become too repetitious. Decided to simply vary the angles, since it would be clear that all the shots were taken from the same position.

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