August 18th, 2002

Dead In The Water

Can’t Get It Started

No wind. And apparently no engine, either. That boat is dead in the water. Just like what’s going on between Vittoria and me right now. Will she show up at her house today? And what will happen if she doesn’t? I suppose then it’ll be time for some truly serious worrying.

I went over my conversation yesterday with Francesca. I learned one useful thing—she has no idea I’m here on Ischia. Vittoria and I agreed we’d keep my location a secret from everyone in her family. I didn’t want another door pounding visit from Giancarlo. And who knows what her father would do if he found out I was here on HIS island. He’s got a lot of friends and relatives here.

Funny. If I were her father and I thought her lover knew where she’d disappeared to, I’d be on the phone asking the guy questions directly, I wouldn’t be using another daughter as a go-between. I suppose Giovanni won’t speak to me because that would be acknowledging that I have some standing with respect to his daughter. In his silence he can more easily pretend I don’t exist.

So where is she? Vittoria often said that having a huge extended family has some advantages. When she wants to get away, she always can find a relative somewhere who will happily take her in for a week or two. Now that I think of it, before this blood/adoption thing came up she said she was planning on going to her brother and sister-in-law’s beach house on the Jersey shore for a week, to get her head together for the surgery scheduled for tomorrow.

If anybody calls Vincenzo and Bettina and asks them if Vittoria is there, I’m sure they’ll say no. Since Vittoria can always get people to do exactly what she wants.

She’ll show up at her house today. She has to.

I’m getting the feeling that for me it's going to be a long day. I can’t reasonably expect to hear from anybody until after six PM Central European Time, which would make it noon in New York. I better think of something to do with myself between now and then.