September 8th, 2002

The Imagenovel Is Complete

Vittoria’s Island CD

Ecco! This is the CD of my recently completed imagenovel. Paul Wright not only constructed the CD, but also designed the Jewel Case Cover. To him I convey my thanks and admiration for a job well done.

Summer Is Slipping Away

 Fall in Forio

My dear Jack, thank you for calling yesterday. Yes, I’ve been remiss lately in the e-mail department. It’s just that I didn’t have the energy to go into all the twists and turns of this Vittoria thing. But now you are up to speed. Utterly and totally bizarre, isn’t it?

The weather matches my mood. Dull, dreary, chilly. I hate to think that summer is slipping away. But bad weather is good for a writer. Can’t go out and play, so best to get back to the work at hand, eh?

I mentioned Sylvia’s friend, Giovanna, the one who knows relatives of Maria Marrella, all of whom still live here in Forio. Sylvia called this morning and said that Giovanna has some verrrrrry intriguing information that she’s dug up. I said great, what is it? Sylvia replied, Well, she wouldn’t say. Best that Giovanna and I meet face to face, and she’ll tell me then. I said fine, why not?

I’ll see this Giovanna gal at Roxy bar, around 1730. And yes, I promise to let you know exactly what she tells me.

Kisses to my sweet little neices, and to Marcia.