December 21st, 2004

Per Sempre!

For the past four days I’ve been punishing Vittoria with my silence. And why not? Silence is the tactic of choice for her and her family, and I might add for the rest of the folks here in southern Italy as well.

I’m still quite angry that she managed to persuade the doctor to let her skip a dye injection prior to her CT-scan, which subsequently produced an “inconclusive” result requiring re-testing, which now means we all must endure another two weeks of worrying about her diagnosis.

It’s even worse because she promised me she’d take the dye. I told her over and again that the test would be meaningless without it. But did she keep her promise? Nope. And what about that doctor? What kind of professional allows a patient to make medical decisions like that?

It’s hard for me to let go of a grudge. And I’m so easily set off. My favorite ex-wife once referred to my behavior as “the tyranny of the easily offended.” Ouch! But she was exactly right, God bless her.

This morning was windy, rainy, chilly and gloomy. But nevertheless I was charmed by the wet red umbrella of the girl who spent a long time punching buttons on the ATM machine of Banco Popolare di Ancora. And then on my way to Roxy for my morning coffee ritual, I spotted the slogan—or was it an exhortation?—on the jacket of a busy holiday shopper.

Yes, despite the winter gloom life here on the island is indeed sweet. And therefore I must put aside my anger at Vittoria. I will go online later today and when she appears I’ll say, “Buon natale e felice anno nuovo.”

No, wait. Better make it just a bit more specific, more intimate.

“Il mio fiore dolce! Ti amo. Li amerò per sempre!”