January 5th, 2005

From Anonymous, re Who Provokes Whom?

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Wow. No one yet sees your character as a grotesquely selfish, angry, immature manipulator? I find that fascinating.

Love the gratuitous "god bless her," on the latest reply; that was priceless. And an excellent choice of the St. Sabastien imagery.

As an edit, I'd only suggest "bingeing" for "binging," as the latter sounds more like what you'd no doubt be doing at the front desk bell if you didn't get the hotel clerk's immediate attention.

I gather you read the recent DSM article in the New Yorker?

Well, excuse me, I have to go wash some dishes now, and I know how that bugs you so much.

* * *

John Palcewski replies:

Many thanks for the spelling correction. Thanks also for the New Yorker link. Hadn't seen that article.