May 15th, 2005

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From an elevated subway platform in Queens, April 2005

In response to Giovanna Cau's denial (below) that she is Sophia Loren's attorney, long-time Rome journalist Jacqueline "Nina" Luedicke replies, "What she says is totally absurd. It's a lie."

Furthermore Luedicke says her close friend, Salvatore Giansiracusa, director of Italfoto European Press Agency, spoke to Cau just last week on a matter relating to Sophia Loren, and at that time she was clearly acting as the star's legal representative.

Later in the day I am contacted by Italfoto. At their request I send them documentation of Maria's having submitted a DNA sample, along with Cau's denial she is Sophia's lawyer.

I await further developments.

As for the image that accompanies this entry, the view reflects my current mood: like I'm waiting for the arrival of a train, in a dark and lonely place.