April 4th, 2007

Sweet Taste of Perfect Revenge

On Sundays the grocery store in Forio is closed. The owners do not fear burglary because they have two guard dogs running loose inside.

Meanwhile, someone has noticed that my writing is “derivative” and “self absorbed.” Well, yes, that’s true. We are what we eat….er, read. As for being self-absorbed, I admit I am clearly among a vast number of Live Journal writers who begin most paragraphs with a first person singular pronoun. Which is what one generally does when composing a diary entry. Now a couple decades back Norman Mailer devised a great way to avoid that damning charge. He wrote an entire book referring to himself as Norman. Or Mailer. Third person. After a while it got tiresome, because we all knew he was the subject of the narrative.

Anyway, I’m thinking more and more about my childhood. A long time ago.

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