July 30th, 2007

Casa Nonna

Just a few meters from my place is this old house, which until five or six months ago was occupied by an old woman who was always referred to as Nonna. After she died her sons locked the place up and it’s still empty.

Now, back when I was trying to get Sophia Loren to confirm or deny that she was my ex-girlfriend’s mother, Nonna read about it in Il Golfo. One day she told Nino, my landlord, that she knew Sophia was coming to Ischia in a day or two. How did she know this? Well, she noticed that right before His Holy Father’s visit to the Soccorso Chapel in Forio the street sweepers had spent a lot of time making the place clean. Now, she had been in the village day before yesterday and the sweepers were at it again. Sophia’s coming soon, Nonna was sure of it.

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