August 18th, 2007

Warrior Days

Fifty-two years ago on this date I entered the ranks of the US Air Force. Not too long ago I got into a correspondence with one of the officers I worked with at the 4128th Strategic Wing, on Amarillo AFB, Texas. That’s me, at far right.


Many thanks for your detailed and interesting reply. This exchange is triggering all sorts of things I thought I'd forgotten. Half a century is a long time! By the way, I'm still hoping you might have a higher resolution version of the group shot. That image made quite an impact on me!

I don't recall the name of the sergeant at far left, or the face hidden in the back row, but in l-r order that's Airman Larimore, Airman Foote, Maj. Harps (??), Sgt. Stanko, Col. Bolton, Maj. Liberty, Maj. Gibson, Capt. Lockerman, Sgt. Boyette, and Airman Taylor. I'd love to be able to make out the stuff that's on the table, which I recall came from the place where they packed crewmembers parachutes. Two or three long tables joined together. Also remember the big map. The light fixture has significance because it, or another like it, was opened up by a spook hunting team sent in to search for electronic bugs. They found a pencil inside. Which might have been placed there to see if the team would find it. Or at least that's what Airman Larimore thought.

The unpleasantness with Col. Bolton came shortly after Carla, Maj. Leon Hensel's daughter, asked me escort her to her 17th birthday party at the Officer's Club. How I got socially involved with her and her father (at his insistence, by the way) is a long story that toward the end became quite disturbing.

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