December 14th, 2007

Table Talk

Epictetus taught that life is a banquet. At the table we are obliged to accept with good grace what’s put before us. But for too long that wasn’t my style. No, I’d take a bite, spit it out, and summon the servant. He’d never be apologetic or servile enough for my taste, he’d never say what I wanted to hear. So I’d shout, gesticulate. Sometimes I’d go so far as to upturn the entire table, and send all the crockery smashing to the floor.

Mine was a wholly infantile philosophy, which I knew I had to someday abandon.

You know what they say. Better late than never.

Paranoia Is Heightened Awareness

When I post sarcastic political comments on the Liberal and progressive blogs, I always provide my full name and my bio website. This morning I checked my visitor log and saw that my page has been viewed by somebody at the US Department of Justice. Hmmmm. Shall I smile? Or be alarmed?

Now, here is my rant to a piece in Digby’s blog that described the Inquisition, and the torture of alleged witches:

Hey, Bush's approval rating is now back up there to 37 percent. Don't believe it? Here's the link. Congress.aspx

This is the answer to the question, "Where's the outrage?"

Nearly 4 in 10 Americans are brain dead. Or in the grip of a necon-inspired delusion. They are complicit in the schemes of the fascist swine who are now fully in control of America.

And they're still smiling, still smirking. Karl Rove is going to make three million on a book of his lies, when all along he was passing them on for free.

It's beyond disgusting. But that's what a lot of people felt AFTER the inquisition had run its course. Nobody could stop it, so what's the point in trying?

Sound familiar?

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