February 5th, 2008

Ovid's Elegia V

Christopher Marlowe's Translation
of Ovid's Elegia V:
Corinnae concubitus

In summers heate and mid-time of the day
To rest my limbes upon a bed I lay,
One window shut, the other open stood,
Which gave such light as twinkles in a wood,
Like twilight glimpse at setting of the Sunne,
Or night being past, and yet not day begunne.
Such light to shamefast maidens must be showne,
Where they may sport, and seeme to be unknowne.
Then came Corinna in a long loose gowne,

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Labor Omnia Vicit

In my last post I quoted Virgil’s observation on love, “Omnia vincit Amor,” (Conquering everything is love), and today I came across another of Virgil’s aphorisms, “Labor Omnia vicit.” Actually the Latin word vicit is past tense, meaning that labor “has conquered,” which creates just a bit of confusion, intentionally or otherwise.

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