June 14th, 2008

I Wish She'd Make Up Her Mind

Penelope and I spent the evening going back over familiar ground. She restated her absolute need to "be out there," which means socializing, going across the country to seminars to get spiritual growth, and so on, and I said still again that I’m totally unfamiliar with her personality type, and that I have no real control over the way I feel about most things, especially romance.

Three quarters of the way into this latest round of head-butting, I said, "I think this was a big mistake," meaning I should not have accepted her dinner invitation that evening. I should have stayed home and watched the Eagles beat Dallas.

We continued the discussion until the place closed, and we went out to her car and spoke darkly about how it just might be that we weren't meant for each other, that we would never be able to overcome these painfully embarrassing and awkward encounters. She said she felt like we were in big trouble and that she just didn't know how or if we'd ever be able to resolve it, and rather than argue against it I just nodded in agreement. Yes, I said, that's a very strong possibility.

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