November 3rd, 2008

You GOTTA Vote Tomorrow!!!

From the comments section of Columnist Glenn Greenwald’s post today on Salon:


It is utterly surreal to see Glenn [Greenwald] and his fellow lefty bloggers complaining about the press. They have completely abandoned any pretense of objectivity and devoted all their energies to savaging President Bush, John McCain, Sarah Palin (she did mop the floor with Biden [in the debate]) and in shameless adoration of The One Obamassiah.
-- nabalzbbfr

When I pop the cork on that vintage bottle of champagne I've been saving for this occasion, and light up that fat Cohiba, (I will forego the practice of shooting wildly into the air, I don't care for loud noises in my dotage and the champagne cork will suffice) I will not only be celebrating an Obama/Biden victory, a total rout of the GOP by the Democratic party in the House and Senate, but also the certain knowledge that the next eight, or even sixteen or 24 years will be complete and utter torture for you [nabalzbbfr], a veritable living hell. I will sleep soundly that night secure in the knowledge you will suffer for the rest of your miserable and execrable life in that self induced living hell.


-- L.W.M.

* * *

I would have put in my own two cents' worth, but then this L.W.M. person said it better than I ever could!