November 4th, 2008

A Historic Moment

At 0745 this morning at the polling place, fifteen minutes before voting began, there was hardly a line.

Inside poll workers were preparing not only the Diebold machines, but also a large table covered with an array of donuts, and a big coffee pot.

If there were any McCain/Palin supporters in the line, they weren’t saying so. The rest were openly for Obama, and they talked about what a historic moment this was. The overall mood was one of very quiet and cautious enthusiasm. A realization that this likely is the most important election this country has ever held.

On the scene were four lawyers from New Jersey, Obama volunteers, to make sure that everything went smoothly.

As many of you probably could have guessed, I’m a yellow dog Democrat, meaning that I’ll vote for a yellow dog before I ever vote for any Republican. Straight ticket. Naturally, I had to document my vote. And there it is, as it appeared on the touch-screen Diebold machine. By God it felt GOOD.

Now I’m heading back to Obama Hq. to continue phone bank work to get out the vote. And around 8 PM tonight, well, I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching an Obama landslide.

A Tsunami of History

This morning I went to Starbucks and told the clerk, “I’ve just voted and I’d like my free coffee!” He smiled, and asked me if I wanted regular or dark roast. I took the dark roast. Then I headed for the Obama Campaign office to resume my phone bank calling.

Now it’s 4:30 PM and I’m home. I’ve got the TV tuned to MSNBC and here comes a Republican “strategist” saying with confidence to cute Nora O’Donnel that their 72-hour ground operation is working flawlessly, that their internal numbers tell them that John McCain and Sarah Palin are steadily gaining ground in the key battleground states, and this could—COULD—be one of the most stunning comebacks in American political history.

Whatever made me think I’d hear something different from these Republicans?

But I am not allowing any of this to sour my mood. I remember instead the pre-dawn when I went outside and started walking toward my voting location. Rosy pink sky and mild temperature, the start of a new day vibrant with promise and a feeling that good things—at last—are about to happen.

Driving Me Absolutely Friggin' NUTZ

The good news is that “we,” meaning thousands and thousands of volunteers, delivered Pennsylvania for Barack Obama. The bad news is that the huge landslide I thought would be apparent at this time hasn’t materialized. But Ohio just went for Barack, and Florida might do the same.

Fingers crossed.