April 7th, 2009

How Did You Come To Know Me?


How the heck are ya?? Just getting back from [redacted] for the winter. [redacted] had double their normal amount of snow (which is 52") this past winter and [redacted] was under normal, but there was still a lot of snow for skiing. El Nieno (spelling???) pushed everything south and east.

Are you still in New York or did you go back home to Europe?

I didn't make Rayen's 50th class of 59's reunion last year, but I heard some disturbing news about me that you shared with others!!!! Some of our classmates who talked to you said you knew me when I stole cars!! Boy do you have me mixed up with someone else. I never stole anything!!! I wonder who was stealing cars that you identified as me???

Have a good day,


* * *

To: [redacted]

Well, they also had to have told you that the guy I described back then was named [redacted], not [redacted]. Who by the way was a drummer in the Rayen Band. And had a well-equipped wood-working shop in his basement, and who built me a nice walnut base for a record player I'd put together. We stole Chevys whose owners left the ignition switch vertical when they took out the keys at night, which would allow us to just start it up and drive off.

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