April 25th, 2009

Gesù, che una donna bellissima!

Foto Giuseppe Nicoloro

My first stop that morning in Napoli was the huge dark castle near Porto Beverello where I photographed an excavation of skeletons beneath the thick glass of a floor, and then I went up to the imposing Teatro San Carlo. That evening, posters said, Verdi's Aida would be performed. Then I strolled to the fountain of the Piazza Trento e Trieste.

I spotted a group of reporters, with their still and TV cameras, and a few talking heads in suits and perfectly combed hair, holding their wireless microphones with their stations’ logos attached. I asked what was going on. Well, one replied, we expect to see the arrival of Silvio Berlusconi, who is a candidate for the Italian presidency, along with Umberto Bossi, a secessionist politician who in 1996 proposed that northern Italy become an independent state. And of course we hope to see Alessandra Mussolini, niece of actress Sophia Loren, and granddaughter of the notorious fascist dictator Benito, whom they called Il Duce in those days. Alessandra had recently won a seat in the Parliament as a member of the neofascist Italian Social Movement, despite the fact that she’d earlier appeared stark naked in two separate issues of Playboy Magazine. “Gesù, che una donna bellissima!” he said.

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