September 7th, 2009

Broom On Window

The broom at first appears normal. But the closer you get, the more abnormal it becomes. This is a visual metaphor of the biographical fact that quite often the more people learn about me, the closer they come, the less they like me.


After a lot of thought I’ve decided it’s either because I want to keep everyone at a distance, or that I’m just basically hard-wired to be an unlikable guy.

The older I get, the more I lean toward the latter interpretation.

Now fuck off. All of ya!

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Responding To The Complaint

I was lost in thought as I walked in tall grass bordering the creek this morning, when I heard a voice call out. I looked up the slope. It was from two cops standing next to their cruiser stopped on the roadway, about 30 yards away.

“Can we talk to you for a minute?” one of them said.

“Sure,” I replied, and walked over.

“We’ve been getting complaints about, uh, a bald headed old guy who keeps taking pictures of young girls' asses,” the youngest said.

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