July 1st, 2014

Bad Movie in a GREAT Setting

The setting is Ischia. But the acting is horrible!

And While We Were Here (2013) - Written and Directed by Kat Coiro; Starring Kate Bosworth, Jamie Blackley, Iddo Goldberg.

By Kenny Howell

If you described some of the elements of And While We Were Here to me without me actually seeing the movie, I would probably enjoy it. The problem comes in the execution.

Kate Bosworth plays Jane, a writer living on an island in Naples with her husband. Her husband is working there, and doesn't have time for her. Things seem to have already been heading downward, and when she tries to recapture the magic a bit, it doesn't work.

Mostly, it is because she has started a little romance with a local guy, a kid basically, who shows her around the city. As she grows closer to him, she grows further away from her husband.

The best part of the movie is the setting. The island is beautiful and it is shot very well. Not sure you could shoot it poorly, but it really does pop. Add to that a pretty great score and soundtrack, and it really enhances the experience. Also, I like the idea of Bosworth's writing project being used to mirror her story. She is writing a story about her grandmother, and is listening to audio recordings of her stories during the war, partially of the men she met.

The problem, as I said, comes with the execution. The dialogue is at times silly, and Bosworth occasionally plays Jane as pretentious and weird. It seems they are going for a walking and talking, Before... trilogy vibe with the strolling through the beautiful European landscape while falling in love, but there is literally no spark between Bosworth and the young man with which she is having an affair. I never got why they fell in love other than he was an American that happened to be there. In addition to not buying the romance, the problems Bosworth is having with her husband seem forced, and never really become too clear through their arguments.

And While We Were Here is currently streaming on Netflix Instant.

Rating: **

* * *

On a personal note, there's a scene in that movie that repelled me, nauseated me, totally. And that was the unhappily married woman and the boy at a restaurant in Ischia. Several courses of great food. Neapolitan music in the background. Candles. A charming, attentive waiter. And after that extended leisurely meal, the waiter presented the check.

What do the couple do? The boy takes the woman's hand, and pulls her up out of her chair, and leads her out the door, and they run down the street. Without paying. Yep. This pair of idiots stiffed the guy. And laughed doing it.

I groaned.

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