October 6th, 2015

A Poet & Her Aunt

Vittoria LJ.jpg

This is a fresco by an anonymous 16th century Neapolitan artist entitled "Madonna of Mercy," which I photographed a few years ago at the convent of Sant Antonio di Padova, in Ischia Ponte. Renaissance poet Vittoria Colonna (at right) and her aunt Costanza d' Avalos presided over literary gatherings at Castello Aroganese.

from: A.S. Brundin
reply-to: Abigail
to: John Palcewski
date: Mon, Sep 7, 2015 at 2:22 PM
subject: Re: Vittoria Colonna, cont.

Dear John,

After many years, I am coming back to you once again in the hopes that this is still the way to contact you. I am after permissions, as usual! We are publishing a 'Companion to Vittoria Colonna' with Brill, and a Swiss academic, Gaudenz Freuler, has written a piece on Colonna in portrait, including discussion of the Ischia altarpiece. Would it be possible to reprint your photograph (this time of the entire central panel, rather than just a detail of Vittoria) in the book? We will send you a copy to add to your library, of course! Do let me know.

Am I right that you moved back from Ischia to the US? Do you still keep your links with the island? I thought I had stopped working on Colonna some years ago, but she keeps coming back to haunt me!

All good wishes,

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