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“Tell me, sweetpea, what was so important about a bicycle?”
“I wanted to be the first girl in Buonopane who had one.”
“So in your village girls did not get them?”
”Nooooo. Not a good idea. Only boys.”
“I see. Boys get bikes because they can handle them. Girl’s can’t.”
“That’s right. It was too dangerous on those steep hills and high cliffs. Plus it wasn’t proper. But I did what I wanted anyway. I made Gennaro let me ride his.”
“He didn’t object?”
“What choice did he have?”
“If your father had gotten you the bike, wouldn’t it have set all the tongues wagging?”
“Yes. But he was more concerned about my safety. Eventually I probably would have gone over the cliff.”
“Why were you so angry at him? He had a good reason, didn’t he?”
“Yes, but I was used to getting anything I wanted.”
“That was the first time he said no?”
“It must have felt like a betrayal.”
“After all these years you’re still paying him back.”
She nodded. “I’m not through with him yet,” she said.

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