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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Vanishing Act
Very nearly all the images on my LJ entries have disappeared into the ether. I'm not an expert on these things, but my first guess was that something happened to MSN photos, because that's where I store the images for net use. When I got to the site I saw their announcement to the effect that MSN Photo has been IMPROVED!!!

Now, I went to one of the images, clicked "properties," and copied the URL. I compared it to the URL that accompanied the text of one of my entries

Lo! They were different.

I don't have the time to re-install URLs, so I'm going to delete all the now image-less entries. But before I do, have any of you had the same experience???

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I had a similar experience with www.webpohotos.com . I'm sorry that happened. Seeing as you are deleting the old posts, will they become available at any point in the future? Sometimes I go back to them. That's all.

ps The beard looks good on you.

- later

Thanks for the empathy & commiseration. I've decided I might as well bite the bullet and replace all those URLs, since I want to keep these entries available...

But it's always something, eh?

oh, MSN!!!
I was starting to take it personally...
blessed be

Bill Gates is amused.

yeh well, he should be...

Image hosting sites are notoriously unreliable. I'm hoping that Brad's latest project, fotobilder, will soon provide us with an alternative.

Sounds good. I guess when it's ready we'll all hear about it in "News?"

Most likely, it will be the big topic all over LJ as soon as it becomes available. When that will be, I couldn't guess. The project is in its early stage, and, depending on how things go, it might be anything from a few weeks to several months before it becomes available.

What a grim experience!
So far had not such problem with Fotki. BTW for the 30$/year fee they offer unlimited storage. Also you can link to entries stored in your private albums.

Don't Get Me Started!

By now I am not surprised by any glitch that occurs with computers/web/whatever. I've been at this from the early days of Commodore 64, and I have YET to experience anything more than a month of a computer's operability before something or other crashes, and requires huge amounts of money to fix.

Whenever anything is fixed, it does not stay fixed very long. If you install something new, you can count on it to screw up everything else on the system.

I have never bought a new computer or other related device like a scanner or a modem or a printer that has ever worked properly when I got it home.

And I have yet to meet a repairman/technician who does not appear to be flabbergasted facing a problem he/she claims never existed before in the entire history of computers going back to 1945, which means that it will require HUGE amounts of time and money to set it right, and sometimes this is impossible because one component or another isn't manufactured anymore.

In short, I LOATHE computers and everything that goes with it!

But what can I do? What's the alternative? A manual typewriter?

I entirely sympathise you with all that! It takes being a saint to stand all the blows a computer has spared for us. But to be just with it, it is the software - operating system - that is so malicious, not the hardware; the hardware itself is surprisingly reliable... And among operating systems, "home" versions of Windows (i.e. 95, 98, 2000) are at the top of user-ward arrogance. I have mostly worked (in my previous jobs) with Unix systems and that is totally different! (Of course this is hardly any consolation for you, i'm just trying to save some of the face of the IT industry i'm associated with...:() But again, you are entirely right in your anger. The software industry suffers the same from its own vices. Last month the Technology Review magazine (by MIT) published a cover article "Why software is so bad?" The answer seems to be, because the responsibility for bad software is so far nonexistent. And I hope that can be changed..

My apologizes for being carried away by my computer-driven frustration! You raise some good points, and I join you in hoping that things might change in that industry...

carried away in the right direction :)

Oh no, apologies are not accepted :)) Because everything you said is just to the point. You put a perspective where a particular experience with MSN (same Microsoft! - sorry for finger pointing) fits very nicely. And I often become just as outraged...

I've had the same experience with the photo files section of Yahoo! Briefcase. I'm going to look into a paid photo storage site, too.

Seems to me that nothing is entirely reliable in this computer/web world. One storage site is as good--or as bad--as another. I'm slowly developing an extremely cynical attitude. Which is, expect NOTHING and you'll never be disappointed!

Indeed. Have you been paying for the MSN storage? Mine's free for 30 MB at Yahoo! Photo Albums. I just now put a post, asking for recommendations about storage sites, including fotki.com, that was recommended by someone in a comment at your LJ.

No, MSN is free. Also, when you fill up your allotted MBs all you have to do is open another account with a different e-mail address and begin again. You don't lose anything, of course. It's somewhat a pain to switch back and forth from one account to the other, but then hey the price is right!

Definitely. I'm only 1/3 full on my LJ-connected Yahoo! account, but I do, indeed, have a couple of others that are still in extra-virgin condition.

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