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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Prayers, Please!

Please, friends, join me in prayers and best wishes for my Vittoria! She’s really
worried about her upcoming medical tests, and she will deeply appreciate all the
help & support she can get from you! Thanks.

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yes, i'll keep her in my prayers. tell her "in bocca al lupo" for me, please.

Oh of course!

All best for Vittoria!

Wishing the very best outcome for Vittoria! Stay positive and pray for the best.

May Vittoria pass her medical tests with flying colours and see them in the twilight sky. Best wishes for health, wealth, and love.

john--i've been doing such since i read your poignant post last night. i've been going through a similar thing with my dear friend MC for about a year and a half. it's about being a 'coach of hope and acceptance' and never denying miracles. blessings on, to and with Vittoria. grazie!

You're both in my thoughts. Waiting and anticipation are hell. I hope all goes well.

in bocca al lupo, vittoria

Best of luck! I shall keep your Vittoria (and you) in my prayers and thoughts.. :)

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