John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

Whatever Is Necessary

Up most of the night listening to the howling of wind, the rattle of rain driving against the windows. Awoke at a little past six. Made coffee, scribbled in my journal. Then later dressed and hiked down the mountain and into the village.

On impulse I went inside St. Vito’s. The candles, I noted, were not beeswax, but electric. Also, when I was an altar boy at St. Xavier’s no women--not even nuns--were allowed in the sacristy. Now here in Italy I see that girls may serve as acolytes, a privilege my Vittoria did not enjoy 35 years ago in the village of Buonopane! Then I walked from there to Sanctuarium d’ Madonna Della Libera. I stayed a while. And then finally to Chiesa d’ Sant Gaetano.

Three old churches, three services, all within an hour and a half. Of course I’ll do whatever is necessary. So please tell me what I ought to do next.


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