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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Whatever Is Necessary

Up most of the night listening to the howling of wind, the rattle of rain driving against the windows. Awoke at a little past six. Made coffee, scribbled in my journal. Then later dressed and hiked down the mountain and into the village.

On impulse I went inside St. Vito’s. The candles, I noted, were not beeswax, but electric. Also, when I was an altar boy at St. Xavier’s no women--not even nuns--were allowed in the sacristy. Now here in Italy I see that girls may serve as acolytes, a privilege my Vittoria did not enjoy 35 years ago in the village of Buonopane! Then I walked from there to Sanctuarium d’ Madonna Della Libera. I stayed a while. And then finally to Chiesa d’ Sant Gaetano.

Three old churches, three services, all within an hour and a half. Of course I’ll do whatever is necessary. So please tell me what I ought to do next.

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well, from my own experience with intercession for others, i'd say this is the part where you wait. it's the hardest part of all. i'll say a prayer at church in a little while, to add to yours.

I am saying a prayer today too. The waiting part if really hard.

Lavendar candle lit.

I'm glad things have changed in the past 35 years to allow women to experience such divine beauty!

i try and keep the thought of persistent prayer and hope as i keep a constant conversation of praying going in my mind--God you give your help, not in any proportion to our own merit, but to our needs. You came for the sick and not for the healthy. i have the need of your tenderness, touch and presence because of infinite weakness. help me to know how i can be a part of your workings with my loved ones who are experiencing the raw need of hope and healing. give to us all the patience and lift the clouds of confusion that block our view of hope and trust that you are there and ever working for good. amen, selah and shalom...

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