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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Thank You For All Your Prayers!

Pushi was throughout the crisis serenely indifferent. She knew all along my Vittoria's current medical problem was just a tempest in a teapot, nothing to get her fur ruffled over. But you know me. If you ever need paranoid melodrama, I’ll quickly deliver.

Calm came this morning at 0300, after I read an email:

“everything went fine, she's home resting. the doctor took biopsy and said due to the naprasyn she took it damaged her stomach. she still needs to stay on medication she's on now. he wants to see her im 3 weeks, and biopsy results will be back in 6 days.”

So now I guess I have less reason to worry. But, hey, wait just a minute! Why did the doctor order a biopsy? Couldn’t he see that Vittoria's damaged stomach was the big problem all along? So what’s up with a biopsy?

All right, enough of this.

My most sincere thanks to all my friends who joined me in prayer during this ordeal. They are:

taliastar, chaizzilla, daisydumont, jewelweed, pianoscry, _riomaggiore, el_scorcho6, digitalis, ksp24, past_the_past, hopeforyou, nickelchief, new_brunette, jasra, tahlulah, giostra, sugarplum.

And extra special thanks to bleujulie for her unwavering encouragement and support.

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I'm glad it appears to just be the medication. Perhaps by doing the biopsy he is just being cautious. One hopes.

Thanks. Yes, I believe that's the case. See comment below.

Doctors have taken biopsies of my stomach just because they were in there poking around and taking photos (long story,) and if you're that close to an organ or stomach lining, etc., (especially in animals,) biospies/tissue samples are so easy to process and run, and not too expensive, its almost always strongly advisable. Because if they DO show some abnormality, its likely that it wouldn't have been found out any other way and very lucky to know.... biopsies get to the heart of a problem, they will point it right out, (unlike bloodwork,) the problem is just getting in to get tissue samples is the most risky part, so if you HAVE to go in, might as well grab all you can in terms of data so you don't have to go back later on a second scavenger hunt. If that makes sense...

Thank you! It makes perfect sense and actually this sort of detailed information is exactly what I hoped to get. I suspected as much, but it's good to have the thought confirmed. One is never in an entirely rational state of mind in situations like this, and that's why comments such as your are so valuable. Grazie infinite!!!

I mean, I'm totally guessing here cause I seem to have missed the early part of the story, but ALL vets (and docs) would LOOOOVE to do tissue biopsies because they are SOOOO useful, and give such factual diagnosis. (In many cases. Not 100% certainly. But way more so than bloodwork. For instance, blood work might tell the doc that something is 'off' with the liver, and he can have an educated guess as to what it is because of the blood data, but until he has a biopsy, he wouldn't be sure. However, if he looks at the whole package (without biopsy,) of symptoms, blood work, behavior, any other labwork they can get easily like a cloacal swab, x ray, etc., and he feels sure about his diagnosis from the symptoms and his experience, he won't do the biopsy. Because GETTING the tissue samples is very stressful on the body, having to open it up, it is usually avoided as much as reasonably can be, but... if he's in there because he has to be, or there's an opportunity, or its just strongly justified, any vet (or doc,) worth their salt is gonna be grabbing biopsies of anything within reach cause its just a damn good idea.

I love tissue samples. So factual. Just annoying to get. Often you only get them during the necropsy... after the animal is gone. Little late to do any good, but it does tend to close the book on whatever was wrong, how advanced it was, and how deteriorated the organ was... important to people who have collections and are worried about a disease spreading certainly.

I think kitty will be ok though. They have 9 lives after all ;)

i'm so glad it went well, but i'm sorry about that damaged stomach. hope those medications fix it up for her! please keep us posted on the biopsy. i mentioned her at church on sunday in the bidding prayers and will continue to keep her in my private prayers. such as they are!

I'm so glad to hear the news, and please keep us posted on further progress!

Many thanks, and I will indeed keep adding installments to this melodrama as they occur!

Here's hoping everything comes up normal.

I was encouraged by the comments made by boreal regarding the medical practice of doing biopsies as a precaution, especially when they're "in there" anyway!

thanks to you, too, who is encouraging and helpful!

We'll both watch carefully to see what appears on the NEXT page of this complex & improbable tale!

You are most welcome, John. I am glad to hear that things were not as bad as one might've thought they'd be. I hope the biopsy will turn out clear, and that Vittoria will be in 110% health very soon! *hugs*

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