John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

Thank You For All Your Prayers!

Pushi was throughout the crisis serenely indifferent. She knew all along my Vittoria's current medical problem was just a tempest in a teapot, nothing to get her fur ruffled over. But you know me. If you ever need paranoid melodrama, I’ll quickly deliver.

Calm came this morning at 0300, after I read an email:

“everything went fine, she's home resting. the doctor took biopsy and said due to the naprasyn she took it damaged her stomach. she still needs to stay on medication she's on now. he wants to see her im 3 weeks, and biopsy results will be back in 6 days.”

So now I guess I have less reason to worry. But, hey, wait just a minute! Why did the doctor order a biopsy? Couldn’t he see that Vittoria's damaged stomach was the big problem all along? So what’s up with a biopsy?

All right, enough of this.

My most sincere thanks to all my friends who joined me in prayer during this ordeal. They are:

taliastar, chaizzilla, daisydumont, jewelweed, pianoscry, _riomaggiore, el_scorcho6, digitalis, ksp24, past_the_past, hopeforyou, nickelchief, new_brunette, jasra, tahlulah, giostra, sugarplum.

And extra special thanks to bleujulie for her unwavering encouragement and support.


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