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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Tony's Favorite Extra

This morning Peppe came to my house to install a new DVD player into my computer. He asked me for a disc. I gave him “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” which I'd just gotten in the post from Amazon.co.uk. He smiled. “I’m in that movie,” he said.

We spent a pleasant half hour grabbing screen shots. Director Anthony Minghella filmed the scene here on the island, over at Ischia Ponte, near Castello Aragonese. All those people were not actors, but rather ordinary Ischians like himself, who understood perfectly how to express grief when a young, unmarried pregnant woman is fished out of the sea.

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I never saw that film, but these three images were amazing!


It's a tribute to Anthony Minghella that he managed to elicit and capture such an authentic display of emotions, even from untrained actors. Peppe said that Minghella--with crowds of extras craning their necks behind him-- carefully studied the videotapes of the filming, to make sure that he was getting exactly what he wanted.

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