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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Two Views of the Plume

Above is what the plume looked like a few metres from my villa. Below is how it appeared from down in the village, looking up. Now, if you follow the curve from the base of the smoke upward, you’ll see a little white building. That’s where I live.

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Never a dull moment on this island paradise.

i see a few white buildings , i think...

Look at the brightest section of the plume, at its bottom, which looks like a separate little cloud. To its immediate right is a sloping green line. Follow the line upward until it flattens. That little white building is my villa!

Hi john, ive been watching you for a while now and i have come to the conclusion that i wish i could be more like you.

If you do become more like me, be prepared to be misunderstood or even disliked!

Next time that I complain about the snow I will remember that I am NOT living on top of a natural disaster that is waiting to happen.

Be Safe.

A couple weeks after the harvest vineyard owners burn dried piles of grapevine cuttings, leaves, underbrush, weeds, and fronds from cut-down cane stalks. Despite the slightly radioactive boiling springs scattered all over the island, the volcano is not just dormant, it's extinct. It's safe!

I was thinking it was when I looked it up, but that was a while ago... yay for extinct, then. whew!

is the place down in the village from where you took the second photo in the first photo?

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