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John Palcewski's Journal

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(no subject)

"Fair is foul, and foul is fair:
Hover through the fog and filthy air."

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This is volcanic steam and smoke coming up from beneath the island, right? Is this a typical venting event or are people getting concerned?

No, this isn't as dramatic as volcanic venting. While there are fumeroles, or boiling springs, all over the island this is instead merely the burning of vine cuttings, underbrush, leaves from cane stalks and the like. Mt. Epomeo is not just dormant, it's extinct. Or so they say.

how dramatic! that's a terrific photo.

Thanks. It was even more impressive "live!"

the Fall burn--a joy that fascinates me, always. from dust life begins and to its original it returns--for a season. ciao!

I'm into my fifth seasonal cycle here, and each time I catch something new...

Wow, and all that going on just below you?

Hope you weren't smoked out.

happy weekend!

Happy weekend to you as well. I think they actually give a lot of consideration to the wind direction before they start these fires. But who knows!

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