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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Man In The Mirror

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That's very clever! Took me a few seconds to find you in the mirror, though.. hehe.

Yas, I often play hard to get.


I need to get back to an Italian bar done in high 60's style and have a negroni once more.

Come spring perhaps, but definitely Genova in the fall!

I have a love affair with these places, and there are several I regularly visit. This one is named La Lucciola, The Firefly, across the street from Forio's harbor...

ha! well, but you do look like you are planning something sisnster on that photo - no wonder people get upset when they find out they are being photographed :)

Nice pic. And btw - "Vietato fumare" is about the only thing I can understand written in Italian :)

I'm often seen as sinister. Sometimes they call me "L'americano pazzesco." I don't mind since the Italian word for crazy is quite similar to my last name, Palczewski. There are no coincidences!

Your photo reminded me of that Manet painting.

Thanks! That's an extremely generous thing to say...

that photo is awesome! did she know you took this shot or was it impromptu?

No, I just put the camera on the table and clicked the shutter. She had no clue.

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