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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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They Know Everything, But They're Not Telling.

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Hahaha! I love this with that subject line!

Yes, a smile came to my face when I spotted them.

indeed they do and won't. while in italia i saw the same four in many villages. ciao!

It's just a waste of time trying to pry it out of them.

This reminds me of something...

"King Of The Hill"

Consider it our animated Texas version of above!

Bahahahah! Oh goodness, that made me laugh quite loud .. and I even snorted! Very clever indeed, thinking of King of the Hill! Hehehe :)

Penpusher is spot on. A clever lad, he is!

Now that's friggin' halarious! As it happens, Sky runs that show on TV and it's in the original English with Italian subtitles. Can you imagine?

i immediately thought of 4 men who were once married, but are now widowed and more or less waiting out their final days thinking.

good pic (as always)

Being once married (or in my case twice) gives a guy PLENTY to think about!

the gentleman on the left looks pretty spiffy, not all fuddy like the others. i bet he's had an interesting love life.

There's a priest on the island (I won't further identify him) who has an interesting love life. The tourists flock to his services. Especially women of a certain age...and younger. He's verrrry charismatic and has a knack of putting the fear of god right into them. Deeply.

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