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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Giuseppe, un buon ed uomo gentile.

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ah, mi dispiace. sembra che fosse un uomo gentile, infatti. ('U Turc Regin... local dialect?)

When I was paying my rent this morning and asking Nino to extend my condolences to the rest of his family he said his father liked me a lot, and that "he said he knew you were a good man." I was deeply touched because Giuseppe and his family always extend entirely more kindness toward me than I ever manage to return! Columba, Nino's wife, often appears at my door with covered dishes, or fresh fish her brother catches from his boat on the sea at dawn. Not too long ago she brought me leftover cake and assorted sweets from little Giovanna's fifth birthday celebration.

As for that phrase I suppose that's some ancient dialect, of which there are many on the island, given how many times the place was invaded by foreigners!

they sound like wonderful people! i'm glad you have that family near you.

My heart speaks a prayer for him

Many thanks, Heidi!

Since I'm brand new to your journal, looks like I'm going to have to learn a little Italian ! Although I'm pretty fluent in Spanish, I was struggling to figure out what your post meant. After reading the word, "corteo," I figured out at least part of the story. After reading your comments in English, I put 2+2 togther.

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. May he rest in peace.

Many thanks for your kind condolences. Don't worry about the Italian. I've been here five years and I haven't yet learned it because a) I have no apptitude whatever for acquiring new languages, b) I live mostly alone and all my friends are multi-lingual, including my landlord, c) I know a few phrases but as you know before The Word was the gesture, plus I make sketches in my notebook when I need to get some point across, and d) I tell people I haven't yet learned Italian because I'm still trying mightily to master English. (Richard Lionheart, despite wearing the crown as the first King of England, spoke only French!)

I see no other reason to learn the language then. You seem pretty capable of getting around. Hehe, still trying to master English. Good one!

Ciao! (That one i know)

Wait. Where are you? Are you in Italy? For some reason I thought you were somewhere in Central America.

I am quite certain that I am living in a villa on the side of an extinct volcano, overlooking the village of Forio, on the island of Ischia, in the bay of Naples, in southern Italy.

How did you come to live in Italy? Are there earlier posts you can refer me to? I have been to Italy only once. I absolutely loved it.

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