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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Giuseppe, un buon ed uomo gentile.

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When I was paying my rent this morning and asking Nino to extend my condolences to the rest of his family he said his father liked me a lot, and that "he said he knew you were a good man." I was deeply touched because Giuseppe and his family always extend entirely more kindness toward me than I ever manage to return! Columba, Nino's wife, often appears at my door with covered dishes, or fresh fish her brother catches from his boat on the sea at dawn. Not too long ago she brought me leftover cake and assorted sweets from little Giovanna's fifth birthday celebration.

As for that phrase I suppose that's some ancient dialect, of which there are many on the island, given how many times the place was invaded by foreigners!

they sound like wonderful people! i'm glad you have that family near you.

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