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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Giuseppe, un buon ed uomo gentile.

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Many thanks for your kind condolences. Don't worry about the Italian. I've been here five years and I haven't yet learned it because a) I have no apptitude whatever for acquiring new languages, b) I live mostly alone and all my friends are multi-lingual, including my landlord, c) I know a few phrases but as you know before The Word was the gesture, plus I make sketches in my notebook when I need to get some point across, and d) I tell people I haven't yet learned Italian because I'm still trying mightily to master English. (Richard Lionheart, despite wearing the crown as the first King of England, spoke only French!)

I see no other reason to learn the language then. You seem pretty capable of getting around. Hehe, still trying to master English. Good one!

Ciao! (That one i know)

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