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John Palcewski's Journal

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Cafe, Corso Vittoria Colonna

Imagine my surprise when this morning at Cafe Dolce Sosta, on Corso Vittoria Colonna, I saw, in the swirl of my espresso, an image of the blessed virgin Mary. In-cray-DEEEEE-ba-leh!

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la dolce sosta. nice. i want some of that caffe!

Hit your refresh button, I've added text. It's a miracle!

wooo, i see, it's like a byzantine icon! bella! :)

Holy crap, that's a bloody expensive coffee!!

Well the coffee is 3.20 Euro, and the two pastries are 1.60 each. Not too bad, considering how elegant the surroundings are...

If I translated it right on XE.com, then 3.20 Euro = approx. 5.50 Australian Dollars. Which is an awful lot of money for a coffee in my parts! The most we ever have to pay is around 3.50 Australian Dolalrs, which equals approx. 2 Euro. Hence, why I was nearly fainting at the price of your coffee! :p Hehe.

Also, it's probably just me, but.. why can't I make out the image of the virgin Mary in the swirl on your espresso? :(

Full of grace! Full of grace!

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