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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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To The Big Apple

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Excellent! It will be cold, but crisp, and most of the holiday visitors will have gone home, so it won't be too crowded.

How long will you be here?

I'll be in Manhattan for two weeks, and I'm going to talk to Penpusher and see if we can arrange a gathering of LJers at a cafe somewhere...Plenty of time to make plans!

Can I assume that you'd like to make a trip to the Fountain Pen Hospital?

Is that something Penpusher has created????


It's a real place, in Manhattan, quite close to my apartment. They have an astonishing selection, mostly discounted, knowledgable staff, and a good selection of vintage pens, too.

Mont Blanc is my fountain pen of choice, which I got when I was still in America. This place I'll have to check out. Meanwhile I'll keep you and everyone else posted on his plans for some sort of get-together of all NYC LJers...or whoever else might want to show up!

Now, this is just my opinion, but while Mont Blanc makes a good pen, Pelikan makes a similar and superior pen, and has the added virtue of being less expensive.

You shouldn't have LOL

Was it the Zabar's video? hehe

Yes, and I hope we might arrange a get-together of New York LJers during the two weeks I'll be in town...


I'll start getting the NY Crew prepared!

Excellent, lad! WAY excellent. It's going to be good to be in the city again. Haven't been there in a long time...

January 27 - February 10... is that correct?

Any particular dates you know are out of the question, besides your arrival date and the day after, accounting for jet lag.

I think a literary setting would be the place for this gathering and I have a couple of places in mind, but as you say, a good amount of time to plan it!

Actually, I'll be January 27 - February 15. At the moment I can't say for sure what my schedule is going to be, but of course I'll have a better idea once I'm there. We can play this by ear.

please let me in the loop. I really want to meet the other LJ NYers and Forio-ni!

Absolutely. I'll keep posting updates on plans as they develop. We'll come up with something, fer sure.

Teehee, I live in NY.

Um, three hours north of the city, I suck.


Ooooh, how lucky! Too bad I don't live in NY, I would definitely love to meet all you NYers! :)

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