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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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I Will Be CALM

Vittoria: do you know where i need to go on thrsday?
James: Yes. To the hospital to get a CAT-scan.
Vittoria: yeah she told you
James: Why do they want to do it, what's the purpose? I thought they already ruled out cancer with the biopsy.
Vittoria: they want to make sure its not something else
James: You mean besides cancer?
Vittoria: he jsu wants to check why my back hurts do to my stomach he said its common but needs to be checked if theres anything like in the lungs
James: Well, that test is quick and painless.
Vittoria: yeah but your not getting the shot so it wont be painless to me
James: So just get it over with. You need to be healthy for when I get my hands on you. Or I should say IN you.
Vittoria: plus im TIRED OF IT ALL
James: I know, I know.
James: Just make sure nothing stands in the way of your coming to New York at the end of January. NOTHING. Do you understand?
Vittoria: Okay, OKAY!

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sir im going to ask you to leave for shitting in my pool......

More tests?! Oh dear. I do hope they will be finished soon!

:O You randy old coot! :p *giggles* Good to see that we don't lose the touch as we get older.. :) (not trying to disrespect you!)

Yes, she's tired of tests. And thanks, no disrespect taken. I am what I am!

i hope she does go for the CT scan and it comes back perfectly clear. (i'm looking at my icon of madonna and gesu' bambino and saying a prayer even as i sit here typing.)

oh what an ordeal. I'll be thinking of you both.

I deeply appreciate your concern, thanks.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! This is the hot spring-fed thermal pool of the Hotel Royal Palm, near the village of Forio, on the island of Ischia, in the bay of Naples, Italy.

You look like how my uncle would look in an alternate universe.

That's because I AM your uncle and totally in an alternate universe!

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